SMT red glue is a temperature-set adhesive that is used during the SMD process to fix certain components to the board in circumstances where they might lose connection or fall off before reflow. Because of the viscosity, fluidity, wetting and other properties of the adhesive red glue will be affected by the temperature, it should be used under certain conditions. The difference with solder paste is that the glue will solidify after heating.
After reaching the coagulation point temperature of 150 centigrade, the paste body will start change directly into a solid. SMT red glue has properties of viscosity, temperature, and wetting. According to the properties, in production the purpose of using red glue is to make the parts firmly stick on the surface of PCB and avoid falling
  • 1. The higher the curing temperature and the longer the curing time, the stronger the bonding strength
  • 2. Cure time: 100 centigrade to 120 centigrade, 60-120 seconds; high temperature curing: 150 centigrade, 90-120 seconds
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