When it comes to encapsulation of sensitive electronic devices having many SMD Components & where temperature variability is high like -40°c to 200°c is required designers first choice is encapsulants based on Silicone Material. Silicon Potting and encapsulating compounds provide protection from water, chemicals, shock, voltage discharge, vibration, and physical damage and flame retardant.
UZHI silicon potting have medium range of viscosity, the products are easily flowable,and products are available in different Ratio of 1:1,2:1,10: 1. The medium Shore A Hardness in Silicone Encapsulates make sure that in case ofanyfailure the product can be reworked. High Thermal Conductivity of UZHI potting ensures that whether it used in LED Lighting products or Electronic Power Supplies it helps designer to achieve there thermalrequirements.

Product Thermal Conductivity Pot Life 25°C Viscosity m/Pas Specific Gravity Hardness Dielectric Strength (Kv/mm) Volume Resistivity (Ω-cm)
PC 3065 0.68W/mK 35min 3200cp 1.59 55 Shore A 18KV/mm 1.4x10
PC 3065N 0.81W/mK 20 Min 4800 cps 1.55 40 Shore A - -
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