Thermal Adhesive

Thermal adhesive is a type of thermally conductive glue used for electronic components and heat sinks. It can be available as a paste, It is commonly used to bond integrated circuits to heatsinks where there are no other mounting mechanisms available, it can be applied by hand or by glue dispensing machine.

UZHI has wide range of Silicone thermal adhesive from medium to moderate which have excellent adhesion properties to variety of substrate, the adhesion are stable and improve after accelerated ageing, the thin line bond.

The saved curing curve is shown below :

The suitable curing conditions are generally heating at 150°C for 90-120 seconds. The relationship between curing speed and final bonding strength and curing temperature and time is shown below. :
In the actual production process, the entire heating time is longer than the figure, because there is a preheating time.

I. Material characteristics before curing

Product Thermal Conductivity Density Tack Free Time Rigidity Adhesive Strength (Map) Voltage Breakdown (Kv/mm) Maximal Extensibility (%)
TA 2308 0.82 1.61 5 78 2.79 ≥30 110
TA 2310 1.0 1.62 5 82 2.79 ≥30 110
TA 2318 1.8 1.8 8 70 2.5   120
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