Peelable Solder Mask is a synthetic latex product for the temporary masking of circuit areas and contacts against solder, rosin and cleaning fluids. It provides effective protection for contacts, gold fingers and printed circuit card edges, and can easily be peeled off once the wave soldering process is complete, and after a subsequently applied conformal coating is sufficiently dry.

Applications and Uses

The Peelable Solder Mask is meant to serve a very specific purpose: to protect specific areas on the PCB during the Reflow Soldering, Wave Soldering, or Surface Finish process. When certain parts on the board are marked by manufacturer as DNI (Do Not Install), over the pads or plated through holes for that part prior to PCB Assembly to prevent an accumulation of excess solder on the empty pads in that case application of Peelable Solder Mask arouse. The Peelable Solder Mask is also necessary for parts that will be manually installed after Automated PCB Assembly is complete. Peelable can be applied by hand or by template screening, but not by silk screening. It can also be applied using robotic or pneumatic systems.

Features & Benefits

  • 1. Withstands operation during wave soldering
  • 2. Safe for copper, gold, silver, and solder joints as not emit harmful fumes so no Oxidation.
  • 3. Resistant to Flux and Cleaning Agent no soluble.
  • 4. Viscosity is adjustable can be adjusted with Water
  • 5. Immersion resistant—insoluble once cured
  • 6. Room temperature cures or quick heat curing
  • 7. Cure monitoring colour change—changes from opaque pink to translucent red once cured
  • 8. UZHI peelable mask does not contain Ammonia, so there is no chance for discolour of PCB Trac.
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