Poly Urethane

Solvent less Poly Urethane is mainly forautomotive car body, it can also use in the applications where system temperature not goes more than 90°C. The Sealant have unique ability as far PU Chemistry that it can withstand 120 degree for24 hours and 140 degree forone hour. Uzhi PU Sealant have good adhesion to painted surfaces it can adhere from varietyofmetals and plastic without primer

Product Colour Tack Free Time, (Mins) @25° C Shore A Hardness Tensile Strength, (n/MM2) Density, (g / cm3) Temperature Substrate Suitability
SS 444, (Silicone) Black/ White/ Grey 20 30±2 1.8 1.4 -40°C to +200°C PC-PCAL-PC And Variety of Substrate
PU 7108 Black/ White/ Grey 30 40 2 1.35 -40°C to +90°C
Short – term (24 Hrs )120°C
PC-PCAL-PC And Variety of Substrate

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