Leaded Solder Paste

Solder Paste

At Aarkay under UZHI brand we are manufacturing high quality Solder Paste for various applications in different-2 alloy composition.
Our Solder Paste has good Printing and rolling performance and leak printing performance even the spacing of solder pad is low to 0.4mm , can also complete a exquisite printing. Can complete continuous printing for a long time almost without collapse after printing for a few hours small viscosity change SMD Components are not easy to move.
Excellent soldering performance can complete a good wetting in different parts Less residue after soldering transparent appearance high insulation resistance do not corrode the PCB and meet the disposable requirement. Better ICT Test performance will not appear the false judgement.
We have Leaded & Lead Free Solder Paste available in different -2 alloy Compositions, reference table given below if needed other than this please let us know, products are available in different -2 ball sizes as per the need of customer.

Tin Powder Code Code Diameter Applicable Clearance
2 -200+400 38-74 Standard Clearance (<25mil/0.65mm)
3 -325+500 25-45 Small Clearance (<20MIL/0.50MM)
4 -400+625 20-38 Extreme Small Clearance (<16mil/0.40mm)
5 -500+900 15-25 Extreme Small Clearance (,8mil/0.20MM)

Performance Parameter

Leaded Solder Paste

Type Alloy Melting Point Flux Content Features
UZ 63/37 Sn 63 Pb 37 183°C 10.5±1% Good Welding Activation, Excellent Auxiliary Stretching
UZ-37/02 Sn62.9-Pb36.9-Ag0.2 183°C 10.5±1% "
UZ-36/02 Sn62.9-Pb36.9-Ag0.4 183°C 10.5±1% "
UZ 55/45 Sn 55 /Pb 45 183°C-203°C 10.5±1% Good Welding Strength & Reliable Joint

Lead Free Solder Paste

Type Alloy Melting Point Powder Shape Flux Content Features
UZ 03/05 Sn 96.5-Ag 3-Cu 0.5 217°C ≥95% 11.5±1% High Welding Performance and good looks can probe non brittle residue low initiation rate.
UZ 00/07 Sn 99-Ag 0.3-Cu 0.7 217°C-227°C ≥95% 11.5±1% -
UZ 35/10 Sn -64 Bi -35 Ag -1 151°C-189°C ≥95% 10.5±1% Moderate Temp, high cost performance, good soldering Joint.
UZ 35/03 Sn 64.7 Bi 35 Ag 0.3 172°C ≥95% 10.5±1% -
UZ 42/58 Sn 42-Bi 58 138°C ≥95% 10.5±1% Suitable for devices need low temp soldering.

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